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October / November 2014

Seniors Day

Harvest Wind-Up

Featuring Brad Johner and the Johner Boys
Saturday, October 18 at Kenaston Place
Cocktails: 5:30 pm — Supper: 6:30 pm — Show: 8:00 pm
Tickets: $30.00 each.
Tables may be reserved for groups of 8 or 9.
Tickets available: Kenaston Branch of Riverbend Co-op, Kenaston Branch of Affinity Credit Union, Or call 306 252-2131.

Proceeds to Kenaston Place
Sponsored by: Riverbend Co-op, Millsap Fuel Distributors Western Sales,
Affinity Credit Union, Pro

2014 Kenaston Place Committee Report

The committee consisting of Heather Jewell, Cory Ouellette, Tammy Owen, Gene Pavelich, Deanne Bleackley,  Eileen Zdunich, Gus Millsap, Don George,  Jeanette Holder, Evelyn Mills and Rosemary O’Handley.

The Kenaston Place Committee meets on a regular basis to oversee the maintenance and improvements to Kenaston Place.  Funds received from Dinner Theatre are used for major purchases such as a permanent overhead projector, a new freezer and kitchen supplies.  This year the highway sign south of the village will be replaced.  We are still paying off a loan from the village for the painting and flooring which was completed in 2012.

We are holding our third annual Harvest Wind-Up on October 18 the proceeds of which will go towards our loan.  Brad Johner and the Johner Boys will once again provide the entertainment.  The event is being sponsored by the Riverbend Co-op, Millsap Fuel Distributors, Western Sales, Affinity Credit Union and Proprint.  Check out the posters and advertising for this event and please join us for a great evening.

Rosemary O’Handley


Kenaston Preschool Trade Show

will be October 30th from 5—8 pm at the Kenaston School. 
If you would  like to book a table please contact Reagan Cline-Prpich
306-252-2525. Tables are $20 each plus a door prize

Adam's Center

Kenaston Seniors News

Seniors Week is from September 29th to October 5th. Lets Celebrate!

Wellness Clinic is held at the Adam Centre from 9 to 12 on September 29th, November 10th, and December 22nd.  Phone # 306-567-2302 for appointment. Nurse will check blood pressure, blood sugar and provide Foot Care.

Exercise Program will start Monday, September 29th at 10am.

Call Jeanette @ 306-252-2081

Lutz Electric of Kenaston

In August Chamber presented:

Lutz Electric of Kenaston with a
Welcome to New Business Gift Basket.
Lutz: 306-220-0059


Be sure to check out the on-line Kenaston Business Directory for a complete list of Kenaston businesses.  We keep this list updated as much as possible. Contact Glen if you would like a listing or business page.

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Lynn Yelich MP

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Kenaston Place

Kenaston Korner
Village Updates
by ML Whittles

So, here we are AGAIN. One season closer to WINTER. Such is the life in Saskatchewan. At the time of writing this we are experiencing above average temperatures and the farmers are rolling steady. Fingers crossed and a prayer in the heart for a good harvest.

As most of you may already know, this summer saw two homes being moved into Kenaston. Beginning of October it is expected we will see a third such delivery. A basement has been dug kitty-korner to the library. It will be exciting to watch as the fourth new home is constructed. There have been house sales/purchases throughout the summer and we have new people amongst us. Physical proof of growth. Welcome to all.
The Village Administration requests that all new residents, if you have not already done so, contact the office and set up your utilities account (water, sewer, garbage pick-up). Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.

Our community relies on our volunteer fire department and emergency services. Without this dedicated group of men and women we would live at risk - insurance would be overly expensive, if attainable at all, to say nothing of the hazard to the entire community should a house fire get out of control. If any of the newcomers are interested in joining this awesome group of individuals, please contact the village office. See: First Responders

To that end, it is my privilege and my honor to make my very first Proclamation.

Village of Kenaston, Saskatchewan
Mayor's Proclamation 2014
Fire Prevention Week
  • WHEREAS, the Village of Kenaston is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all those living and visiting our community;
  • AND WHEREAS, fire losses in Canada, despite marked improvement, remain unacceptably high in comparison with those of other industrialized nations thereby necessitating improved fire prevention measures;
  • AND WHEREAS, working smoke alarms cut the risk of dying in reported home fires in half;
  • AND WHERAS, when smoke alarms should have operated but did not do so it was usually because batteries were missing, disconnected or dead;
  • AND WHEREAS Kenaston residents should install smoke alarms in every sleeping room, outside each sleeping area, and on every level of the home;
  • AND WHEREAS Kenaston residents should install smoke alarms and alert devices that meet the needs of people who are deaf or hard of hearing;
  • AND WHEREAS, Kenaston residents who have planned and practiced a home fire escape plan are more prepared and will therefore be more likely to survive a fire;
  • AND WHEREAS, the 2014 Fire Prevention Theme, "WORKING SMOKE ALARMS SAVE LIVES: TEST YOURS EVERY MONTH! ®" effectively serves to remind us that we need working smoke alarms to give us the time to get out safely.

NOW THEREFORE, I, M.L. Whittles, Mayor of the Village of Kenaston, Saskatchewan, do hereby designate the week of October 5-11, 2014 as Fire Prevention Week, and I call upon the citizens of the Village of Kenaston to participate in fire prevention activities at home, work and school.

I also call upon all residents to test their smoke alarms once a month and to support the many public safety activities and efforts of the Kenaston Rural Fire District and emergency services during Fire Prevention Week 2014.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, I hereunto set my hand this 26th day of September, 2014

We are here to work with you and for you.
Your Humble Servant  -  M.L. Whittles—Mayor

Kenaston School Update:

Kenaston School

Well another year has busily begun at Kenaston School.  When the kids arrived on Sept 2, the younger ones were surprised with the brand new playground.  The older kids were also surprised with the playground as they had the privilege to shovel the last of the pea gravel under the new structure!  A huge thank you goes out to the volunteers who showed up the weekend before to set up the new playground.  It was a long day and a half but with such amazing volunteers we were able to have it ready for the first day of school.  From what i have heard, the new playground has been a wonderful source of entertainment for our children both during and after school.  We have a very stable and dedicated teaching staff within our school that are back again for another great year.  We need to remember to thank and encourage these wonderful people whenever we get the chance.

Our students are very busy with Sr and Jr girls Volleyball as well as a Jr Jr team.  We have a few boys playing football this year in both the Jr and Sr programs with Davidson this year.  We also are very excited to have a new Sr girls soccer team as well as a very competitive cross country team.  This past week we had another very successful Terry Fox walk.  Thanks again to the generous support from Affinity Credit Union for providing lunch to all the walkers from both the school and the community.  It's great to have such wonderful opportunity to engage with the businesses and people of our great community.

With the ever growing DLC enrolment, staff numbers have never been higher and the school is a buzz trying to get material out to over 400 full time online students. Compared to last year we are up 150 students.  In addition to the full time kids the school will teach approximately another 3500 individual courses.  This has led to the hiring of quite a few more teachers for the school which has led to needing to find more space for teachers to work.  We now have teachers working out of the school and the curling rink.  This is a great solution to our space issues in the school but the board is working on a long term solution for the ever growing staff. 

When the semester started this year we have some amazing new courses offered.  Power engineering Class 4, Mechanics and Construction at the grade 10 level are just a few.  Course development is a huge part of the workload.  Trying to stay ahead of the students interests is proving a challenge.  We know we can't provide everything but that doesn't mean we don't try.  Courses like Astronomy, Welding, Equine Agriculture Certificate, Personal Finance and Video Game Design are just examples of some of the courses being developed.  We have some very talented and passionate teachers working in our school.

The open house is coming up in October.  This is a great opportunity for everyone to come out and meet new teachers, see what's going on and feel the excitement that runs rampant through the school.  Watch for signs around town as we'd love to see you all there! 

Kenaston School Team


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