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Kenaston Community Recreation Board Inc. – Arena 50/50 Cash Raffle

$920 Jackpot – Winner takes $460
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Kenaston Arena is getting an upgrade. The facility’s current ice plant is original to the building, about 34-years-old. We’re definitely on borrowed time at this point and it could fail at any time, so we’re just trying to pro-actively replace it before we’re without a rink. The expected price tag for the new plant is around $500,000. We have secured a government grant for 70% of the cost, so now we need to fundraise for the remainder. We are very fortunate that Super Draft/Kenaston Lions Club has donated $30,000 towards this upgrade. We now have to start fundraising for the remaining $120,000. Through this raffle approx 50% of the proceeds will go directly towards this upgrade. It’s a small-town rink with a lot of heart and a bright future, and its members are making sure it stays that way. We thank you for your support.